Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science.

The Department of Civil Engineering, since its establishment in 1950 has been at the forefront of teaching and research. As we approach our 75th year, we have been attracting the best and the brightest students from all over India for our research and teaching programs. Having passed through the portals of this institute, our alumni have gone on to serve in distinguished capacities in various industries and institutions in India and abroad.

Our department offers academic programs leading to PhD, and M.Tech (Res), that are primarily research based anchored by a dissertation at the end of a studentship and M. Tech (Civil Engg.) and M. Tech (Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering) degrees that are predominantly course based with project report at its culmination. We offer an excellent array of courses at the fundamental and advanced levels, enabling the strong foundation necessary for cutting edge work in research and industry.

The Department has been recognized as a Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) by the University Grants Commission and has received extensive funding from the Department of Science and Technology. An Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences (IFCWS) has been functioning in the department under a MoU with the French Government. Our faculty have been proactive in seeking extramural research support from various governmental funding agencies to foster, sustain and develop their research ideas to address novel, challenging problems that cut across disciplines and have also offered their expertise to the industry through consultancy and research engagements. Our faculty also collaborate internationally with colleagues in academic institutions worldwide through various joint calls from funding agencies in either country that are highly competitive to secure. Our Department is the place to be for potential students and faculty who are passionate about shaping the future of Civil Engineering.

Ananth Ramaswamy

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