Doctoral Programme

The doctoral program has always been the main strength of the department. Majority of the research output results from doctoral students. Graduates from this program have later flourished in a variety of research careers such as faculty members at leading institutions such as IITs, national laboratories, consultancy and R&D in leading industries. The department offers a wide spectrum of research topics, a glimpse of which can be found here.

The admission to the PhD program is typically made into one of four groups: Structural, Geotechnical, Water resources, and Transportation systems engineering. However, a joint supervision is possible, based on mutual collaborative interest from faculty members and nature of the research problem. After a thorough research training programme through course work and a candidacy examination before the end of two years – a student typically, students submit their PhD thesis between four and five years from joining the program. Details about admission procedure and eligibility can be found in

M.Tech. Program

Starting from 2021, the Department is offering an “M.Tech. in Civil Engineering” degree, with Major in one of the five areas of: Structural Engineering (ST), Geotechnical Engineering (GT), Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WREE), Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE), or Dam Engineering (DE), with an optional Minor in any of the four remaining areas.

Highlights of the Program

  1. Students shall be admitted to the M.Tech. in Civil Engineering program based on GATE score and applicable reservation norms.
  2. A total of 64 credits to earn an M.Tech. degree, comprising 22 dissertation credits and 42 credits of coursework. The 42 credits, in turn, comprise of 18 credits of common core courses (in semester 1), 9-12 credits of core courses in chosen Major and 12-15 credits of electives.
  3. Students will select their Major (ST, GT, WREE, TSE, or DE) at the end of the first semester. Selection to the majors will be made on the basis of student preference, performance (70% GATE + 30% TGPA from term 1), and applicable reservation norms. The number of students in each area will be at least 15% of the student strength of that year.
  4. In subsequent semesters, students will take 9-12 courses for credits in their chosen Major, 6 credits of electives in their Major and 6-9 credits of electives from CiE or other departments. A summary of the requisite coursework is shown in the table below.
  5. To get an optional Minor in one of the other four areas, a minimum of 12 course credits must be completed in the said area.
  6. The dissertation project in the Major area shall be assigned as per the mutual preference of advisor and student.

Scheme of instruction / Course list

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