Chandra Kishen J M


Ph.D, University of Colorado

Phone: 2293 3117



Research Interests

M. Chandra Kishen’s research is in the area of mechanics of fracture and fatigue in cementitious composites with applications to structural health monitoring and assessment of the residual life of aged and damaged structures.

Attempts are being made to explore the mechanisms responsible for fracture and fatigue occurring at different scales through the use of acoustic emission. These are complimented through development of analytical models using the theory of micromechanics to capture the evolution of damage occurring in cementitious materials and to arrive at fatigue crack growth rates.

Further, failure of large concrete specimens is studied using a high capacity bi-axial fatigue testing machine under different loading scenarios including uniaxial tension, uniaxial compression and bi-axial tension-tension, tension-compression and compression-compression.

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