Debasish Roy


Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science

Phone: 2293 3129



Research Interests

Gauge-theoretic and differential-geometric approaches for modeling of defects in solids. Conformal gauge theory for electromechanical and magnetomechanical phenomena. Constitutive modeling of metals with a two-temperature thermodynamics framework.

Phase field based peridynamics theory for modeling brittle and ductile damage; removal of zero-energy modes from peridynamics correspondence models. Pseudo-ductility and delamination in laminated ceramic composites using phase field. Delamination under high-velocity impacts; optimal design of laminated ceramic composites by strategic placement of interfaces and with non-trivial interface geometry.

Constitutive theories for polymers using non-classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics: formulation of unified, viscoelastic constitutive theories for homopolymers and copolymers using effective temperature framework for a wide range of loading and environmental conditions

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